25 tons of block ice machine with daily production, fully automatic integrated machine, aquatic seafood for personal use + sale

30 tons per day block ice machine, used for vegetable transportation and preservation

40 tons of block ice machine per day, large seafood market, aquatic products preservation for personal use

Perak, Malaysia, purchased block ice machine with a daily output of 20 tons for seafood transportation


Sandakan, Malaysia, purchased block ice machine with a daily output of 15 tons for seafood transportation


Seafood Preservation

Baocheng icemaker products provide suitable ambient temperature and wet environment for the refrigeration, transportation and processing of fresh sea products, thus keeping the sea products fresh and moist. lt is a necessity for fishing at sea.




Fruit and Vegetable Preservation

Nowadays, in order to ensure the safety of vegetables, fruits and meat,more and more users use physical methods to control the temperature in the storage and transportation of products. Baocheng icemaker products can create a low temperature and high humidity environment and ensure that the main body is not damaged by bacteria with rapid cooling effect and good melting resistance.

Cold Chain Logistics

After the ice cubes produced by the Baocheng ice maker are crushed, they are suitable for cold chain transportation and can maintain the freshness of the transported products, as well as the original color and flavor of the products.




Industrial Cooling

Many industrial production environments have temperature requirements and require a large amount of ice to control the temperature. Baocheng icemaker product is the most ideal cooling carrier in the industry with health, cleanliness and fast cooling speed.




Livestock Slaughter

In the poultry slaughtering industry, in order to ensure the quality and color of the poultry meat, the temperature of the meat must be controlled (preferably 0 to 4℃) before cold storage. At the final stage of slaughter, the meat should be washed and cooled to the appropriate temperature. Therefore, the traditional cold water machine cannot meet the reauirements very well. So the block ice machine has become the preferred equipment for cold water supporting equipment in the poultry slaughtering industry.

Mining Applications

In the coal industry, more and more attention has been paid to the domestic and foreign advanced experience to ensure the safety of mine operation and reduce the temperature in deep well. More practical cases show that block ice cooling can achieve the best effect of controlling the internal temperature of the mine. thus effectively reducing the underground ambient temperature, improving the production efficiency and ensuring underground safe operation.

They chose us

Baocheng is based on the domestic market, and is dominated by foreign markets. It has accumulated 7 years of industry pioneer experience and has experienced many battles. In the domestic market, Baocheng products cover 80% of the country’s large ice factories, mainly located in Haikou, Sanya, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Wuhan, Nanning, Beihai, Liuzhou, Ganzhou, Changsha, Zhengzhou, Hangzhou, Jinan, etc. Cities. Baocheng's industrial structure is continuously optimized, relying on exquisite equipment, advanced production and processing technology, and scientific management to continuously improve product quality, service levels, and perfect sales and after-sales service systems.