New Breakthrough | Baocheng Ice Making Won the Second Prize of Shandong Province Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Science and Technology Award
On May 31st, the 8th Member Representative Conference of Shandong Refrigeration Society and the 2024 Shandong Province Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, and HVAC Academic Exchange Conference were held in Jinan. The direct cooling dual effect ice maker selected by Shandong Baocheng Refrigeration Equipment won the second prize of the Shandong Province Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Science and Technology Award, marking a new breakthrough in refrigeration and air conditioning technology for the enterprise.


In recent years, Baocheng ice maker has been continuously cultivating and innovating in the field of ice making, not only becoming a leading manufacturer in the global ice making industry, but also committed to providing customers with high-quality and high-performance ice making factory solutions. It has pioneered "water de icing technology" and "big data operation and maintenance system", making ice making worry free, labor-saving, and more cost-effective.


Over the past 10 years, Baocheng has created multiple firsts in the ice making industry, continuously improving its professional capabilities and service level. Its brand reputation and industry position have been increasingly consolidated, making Baocheng's "Made in China" a leading brand in the global ice making industry. Currently, nationwide, it has been ordered to rectify ammonia refrigeration equipment within a specified period of time. The direct cooling ice maker of Baocheng refrigeration products uses the environmentally friendly refrigerant R-410A, which has the characteristics of cleanliness, low toxicity, non flammability, and good refrigeration effect.

The direct cooling ice maker produced by Baocheng Refrigeration is a refrigeration equipment that the government vigorously promotes the use of environmentally friendly refrigerants. Adopting industry-leading technology and using aluminum plates as evaporators to improve heat exchange efficiency, the unique modular design makes its footprint much smaller than traditional saltwater ammonia ice making machines, saving manpower and electricity. The trend is that saltwater ammonia machines are facing elimination, and upgrading and replacement are inevitable.

The Shandong Academic Exchange Conference on Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, and HVAC is one of the highly recognized and influential conferences in the industry, aiming to recognize enterprises that have made outstanding contributions in the field of refrigeration. This award fully reflects the recognition and affirmation of Shandong Baocheng Refrigeration Equipment by the industry and market.


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